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Jaime Haney

Jaime Haney

New Harmony, IN


Iím an eclectic artist painting mainly with acrylics inspired by nature, music and poetry. I paint a little bit of fantasy added to fairly realistic stylings and abstracts which flow from my mind and places unknown! Original paintings and prints are available.I attend various art shows local to me.

I believe we are all creative beings. Some like to create, some like to enjoy the creations. Either way, we are all fulfilled.

My hobbies (besides art) include gardening, blogging, watching spooky movies and reading.

To learn more about me, see what I'm up to, what I think about as well as just the everyday life of an artist visit my blog: www.jaimehaney.com/blog

My official website is www.jaimehaney.com. Please sign up for my newsletter sent out about once a month to your inbox and get a birthday greeting from me if you input your birthday on the form. I respect your privacy and never share your email with anyone. Easy to unsubscribe.


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Lotus Dream by Jaime Haney


Snowy Night by Jaime Haney


Sultry Bamboo Forest acrylic painting by Jaime Haney


Warm Release by Jaime Haney


Night Moves by Jaime Haney


Autumn Boquet by Jaime Haney


Tangled by Jaime Haney


Dreaming Amber by Jaime Haney


Can I go home with you by Jaime Haney


Magnolias with green sugar bowl by Jaime Haney


Hoo Me by Jaime Haney


Water for Elephant by Jaime Haney


Ghost Pirate Ship by Jaime Haney


Compass and Monocular by Jaime Haney


My Three Suns by Jaime Haney


Sinister Feline by Jaime Haney


A Girl and her Bird by Jaime Haney


Old Man Sun by Jaime Haney


Happy by Jaime Haney


Sad Angel by Jaime Haney